Weezy F. Baby – Monster

Lil Chuckie

Until I hear otherwise this is who Weezy is rapping with nowadays, but even when he rhymes with children it’s nasty.
Get down with the young man here: Lil Wayne ft. Lil Chuckie – To Clean

the f
Now let’s discuss this monster of an album. I doubt many of my readers care to know I’ve fallen into the scary world of mixtapes, but it’s ok — I haven’t tried that much lean or chopped and screwed yet, so don’t worry. I know that Weezy has at least 40 other mixtapes like this one, that bang just as hard. Credit the man for getting guys like Bun-B to get on a mixtape, with no commercial release planned, where in an interlude he addresses the lean that killed Bun’s underground partner in hip-hop royalty; Pimp C. The sad part of it all is Wayne doesn’t sound like he plans on letting it stop him until it consumes his body the same way it did in the Port Aurthur, Texas native. I might never understand the lifestyle that consumed Chad Butler, but I do understand the attraction of lean take it as you please — the fact that Weezy has a daughter and he’s still stacking cups is a shame to himself and his family who loves him. Seriously, we get it, you’re gangster as fuck take it eeeeeeaze.

Wait no.

Time to get a little topical, have to. Los Angeles recently started a meth campaign aimed towards gay men, not that I’m doing either… But who passes around “down-loadable gay meth user banners”? Isn’t that like anorexic girls keeping pictures of skinnier girls to keep themselves skinny?
methy I’m definitely not comparing lean to meth, but when you’re doing it and it’s all sexified like this young man above isn’t it time to just stop and say, oh yeah I should grow up right about now. Can’t pretend that I understand how amazing meth is or isn’t but I have to imagine that at some point along the way you just want a little better for yourself than being fucked up alllllll the time.



With so many things exceptionally wrong with this magazine cover, it’s hard to figure out where to start. Is it Kanye’s lower jaw grill that somehow embodies what it is to live in “America” or is it his stance on Mexican immigration that he portrays with the taco meat chest hair?

Who cares? All I care about is whether or not the Louis Vuitton Don can keep me entertained for a four-day weekend. Since the album comes out September 11th, I got it August 28th after watching most of the interwebs goin nuts over the uber-clean-no-extras leak that came first. I’m not one to point fingers, but doesn’t that mean that it’s most likely a disgruntled Wal-Mart employee that decided to show his 16 year old friends how sweet his job is.

Welcome Back

Well, I guess I’m just welcoming myself back to the blog.  But I’m sure you’ll all be back pretty soon.  Just wait.


Daddy’s back!
bigdaddy or lildaddy
No, like really really Rilla’s back.

Devin the Dude – Waiting to Inhale

Worth Waiting For

Devin the Dude dropped Waitin’ To Inhale March 20th and I’ve been listening to it ever since it’s fallen into my hands. I’m going to approach the review as simply as possible. Hope this helps.

Boom 1 – Southern producer calls up a sound studio looking for the “boooooom” and the CD starts out with an interlude. The other two Boom interludes call for a giggle, no smoke break material here tho.

She Want That Money – With a wicked wa-wa pedal, simple back-beat and a chorus fit for church. Add in the Odd Squad cats (Jugg Mugg, Rob Quest) and you’ve got yourself a tight little posse cut. The track is fuel for the fire behind Devin becoming the sophisticated pimp rapper instead of the guy who says ‘bitch’ 120 times before track 3.

Almighty Dollar – Truth, nothing but truth. It’s not like Devin is robbing banks, but he’s not rolling in Lambo’s, which is why the Almighty Dollar speaks to just about everyone who’s struggled with cash-flow. Not that I have anything in common with the song, I’m rich. (i keed) I can’t help but think that the Dude is just real soulful and likes to keep it that way. I like it that way.

I Hope I Don’t Get Sick-A-This – Complete with a rainy background and the ‘Ooohs and Aaah’s’ of back-up soul singers to match, Devin talks about picking up women in the hotel lobby back in the day, the curse of being with two women, female fans cooking for him and even what happens when he has to turn you down. Note to female fans: He likes dicklickers and ballbiters.

What A Job – What could be said that hasn’t been said already. The track has been called the first classic of 07, the best song of the year and most importantly my most recent favorite. Regardless of the fact that the song talks about YOU stealing their music, it’s always a pleasure to hear three beasts on a track. To anyone who said Snoop fell off, fuck off. Andre “The Vampire” 3000 sees you downloading his shit, he told me to tell you, “If I come to your job, take your corn on the cob and take a couple of kernels off it that would be alright with you”.

Broccoli & Cheese – A song for the lovers, not the fighters. For what sounds like the old SWV ft. Missy – Can We beat, Devin definitely puts his own distinct touch on the song. Chronically following an evening out with one of his ladies, dinner at the “resteraunta, aww yeeeah Beninhana’s”, to heading back to his place, Devin simply has GOT to make his case for why she needs to get in touch with him, personally. Even in between the most comical lines on the track, the Dude still finds a way to sing to his lady on the track, bearing his soul, maybe not, but he still makes a great case for why she should believe him when he says on the chorus, “Girl, this dick is so clean, this dick is so clean, that you can boil it with some collared greens”, you can tell by the song title, he has other culinary choices to offer.

Boom 2 – What can you really say about an interlude that isn’t the $20 Sack Pyramid, honestly.

She Useta Be – Sultry saxophones start this one off, the obvious funk riff rides high and heavy and the Dude rides along. His rhyme delivery is a gift and it’s easy to see why the song and the word smith match up perfectly here. After being turned down in his high school years by the head cheerleader, Devin walked away then only to find her “150 lbs and 10 years later” and she’s sadly gone from “elegant to elephant”. That line alone had me on the floor, but the jokes don’t stop there, whether he’s calling her a hefty heifer or saying it looks like her whole body melted together, Devin the Dude easily comes across as a comedian and an artist at the same time on this one. He plays along, maybe just to get her obviously fine cookin’, he ends up so full from dinner he can’t even leave her big ankles.

Lil Girl Gone – This one came out of nowhere. I’d heard the single a month or so back, but it kind of seemed a little out of its’ element on the album. The beat is a nice backdrop, but just throwing Devin, Weezy and Bun B up to see what sticks, stinks. I know Devin and Bun B share the Houston connection, but Weezy does nothing on this track, so why show up? With the minute and change of wailing at the end, it’s probably safe to say this isn’t a fan favorite. (Apologies to the South)

No Longer Needed Here – Wait, he’s got a lady? She’s leaving? Is it because she’s not that into broccoli and cheese? Lima beans? Booom? One of them is no longer needed here, or there; if they bring this song with them I’d throw anywhere in there too.

Just Becauseof what love does, should be the official title, but that wouldn’t necessarily make the song “clear”. Screaming sax all over the track, makes me long for a little Kenny G lovin’, but not here. He waxes about strangling his girl, going hiking and tripping her, locking her in the trunk, cutting off her hand and if she gets another man, them getting a house together so he can blow it up. I guess once they had 8/9 good songs on the album they figured it was time to pack on the extras. Still, he’s got a better product than most of the mainstream albums that figure they can sell an album based on a single.

Don’t Wanna Be Alone – It’s no Doobie Ashtray but it is a smoke break. I would’ve suggested it after Lil Girl Gone but this’ll do. Be Right Back.

Somebody Else’s Wife – Devin stole your wife and now he’s singing about it with a vocoder. What are you gonna do about it, huh? Posse cut, but no listed guests, sure, they’re good and shit. This one is slow enough for you to make the last song and this one a double-header buddha break.

Boom 3 – Boom. Get it?

Cutcha Up (I Can’t Wait) – Simple piano track with Devin sizing up his choice, who might be To Catch a Predator underage. Really, I don’t think he can wait to get it on with you. Ohhhhhhhhh, he meant young weed, I …. still don’t get it.

Nothing to Roll With – Country+Rap=Crap? Anyway, I’m sure the Dude has had his fill of country music down there, another reason the producer is looking for the BOOM at a sound studio shop. Seems he’s out of papers, out of blunts, he has no legs to go buy any of either, so he’s gotta settle with the bong and we have to settle with the country-rap.

Til It’s All Gone – Weed posse cut, finishing up the weed and the album.

Disclaimer – For an album that started as monstrous as this one, it’s sad that it ends with a compilation of would-be mix-tape tracks. There’s a good amount of people who are in love with this album already, love is kind of a strong word, but I can say I like like it, but I’m glad to see a MAJORITY of good songs compared to the “2006 Rule”, which gave artists the ability to release a CD with less than two possible singles. Thanks ring-tones!

El-P – Smithereens (Stop Cryin)

NYTimes meet El-P, El-P meet the NYTimes.com Video Section

El-P is all over the NY Times today. I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead is out tomorrow and he’ll be in LA later this week. It’s good to know that he’s getting all sorts of praise for the album that took him two years to create, but I was reminded by a friend this weekend, he’s pushed everyone else at Def Jux back for him to release his opus. Granted, I’ve heard the album and I can’t argue with the praise, but the overall album seems a bit selfish since Chan Marshall and Trent Reznor shine brighter than Aesop Rock or Mr. Dibbs. I’ll give it up to Producto though, he seems to be the only person that didn’t forget Abu Ghraib in this country. Check out the video.

How Very Rugged Of You

rugged and moooney
He’s disgusting. He’s gross. He’s usually half naked at his own shows and he sweats like a beast. (No Not Mooney fools!)

He’s misogynistic, he’s rude but he’s probably the best white-rapper that Eminem wishes you never heard of.

Before it was cool for Eminem to beat up woman and talk shit, Rugged Man was talking about raping your girlfriend and fucking her pet dog. Before he was 20 he was signed to Jive Records as part of Crustified Dibbs and he even recorded a song with Biggie before he was

B.I.G. But Jive being a bunch of Jive turkeys shelved his project and released a paltry single on the side. Reason being: Too much talk about sex, drugs, violence and some coarse language. I’m tempted to say to Jive, he was a poet and you didn’t even know it.

R.A the Rugged Man is on what I like to call a roll right now. He’s teamed up with Nature Sounds (GREAT label) for his music and he’s in his element alongside MF DOOM and Masta Killa on the label. His flow is definitely something to appreciate, if you can’t enjoy a little ravage and pillaging in his rhymes every now and again, try to imagine what you’d be thinking if he was a cute white boy from Detroit instead of a stinky, smelly guy from Suffolk County, NY. Strong Island, stand up!

R.A is co-writing a book on boxing right now, about to release his latest movie? and at work on his next album. Read More…

R.A – What’s the lesson of the day…
Last year he showed you what a real verse sounds like and then here’s his most recent, super jazzy track off the Nature Sounds compilation.

Rugged Man & Vinnie Paz

Best Track(Lyrically) of 2006
Jedi Mind Tricks & R.A The Rugged Man – Uncommon Valor (A Vietnam Story)
R.A The Rugged Man – Super